Formal Attire Required


As the holiday season is in full swing, there are parties and special occasions out the wazzoo to celebrate. Now personally I don’t know how someone wouldn’t enjoy dressing up and looking extra fabulous for a night. It can be especially hard to be unique and think of a perfect outfit when we don’t always have ball gowns or party dresses to just pick from, and lets be honest…it costs MONEY to look utterly breathtaking and beautiful, and we don’t all have the funds to be red carpet ready.

Recently, I myself went to a formal, my sorority’s in fact, and being my first big formal occasion since my last prom I wanted to look nice. However, being a college student makes my funds a little short of buying a prom style dress and also being in college I don’t have ball gowns lying around my dorm room (even though I wish I was a princess and had that lifestyle…but let’s face it Disney is NOT knocking on my door anytime soon). So being me, myself, and I, I went to the internet to look for a dress that was cute and within a reasonable price. Let me tell you something…THAT IS HARD! But I did find a dress eventually and thought I should share my findings with you, as well as a few pictures from the night.

One of the first websites I went to was LuLu*s ( where I found a perfect dress that was simple and perfect long dress for my event. The reason I got so excited for it, is because it has a convertible top. So you can own one dress and wear it to multiple parties in different styles and NO ONE WILL KNOW! It is GREAT!

Courtesy of LuLu*s

I went with this Navy color, but there is so many different colors you can get it in, and did I mention it only cost $73 dollars!?! Ummm can you say “YES PLEASE!” Now I personally kept my look simple and minimal on the accessories. I went with a few gold bracelets and no necklace. Then paired it with some nude Steve Madden heels with a thick heel to them.

So the next time you have a formal attire required event, I would recommend checking out this dress or any other LuLu*s dresses as an option, super cute and affordable! Until next time…


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