New Year, New Fashion Resolutions

As 2016 ends and 2017 begins it’s a time of year where we all make resolutions, to be better at eating healthy, going to the gym more, being a nicer person or promising to only go out with good positive people. I think we also need to add some fashion resolutions to this list as well for this upcoming new year. 2016 like all other years was full of amazing trends and then some not so amazing trends, so here are a few that I personally think need to go as we ring in the new year!

Enamel Pins & Patches

Now personally, I was never a huge fan of this style but the fashion world wanted it, so I lived with it. However, now that the new year is coming in we can throw this trend back to the 90’s where it should stay forever. Nothing against the style, some people can totally rock it, and it is suitable for some chill laid-back outfit days but overall it is time to get rid of the 24/7 90’s looks. We get it the 90s were a great time, and we love our tag of being “90s kids” but can we keep this trend there?

Furry Footwear

If you ask anyone they will tell you I really enjoy being comfortable and soft in my clothes. However, this trend is a MUST GO! I know we all like comfy shoes but I don’t need my feet to look like I have rats growing on them or that I weirdly hairy feet. I mean look at these shoes, I am NOT about to keep those on my feet for a second, let alone in my closet for a full season.

Bucket Hats

I utterly DESPISE this trend. Take off the stupid hats please gentlemen, and ladies… I’m sorry, I understand that this can be a very practical thing if you are at the beach or maybe going on an African safari. Otherwise I don’t want to see this hat in my face when I am trying to go to brunch downtown or blocking my view in a movie or ever again. My eye literally twitches when I see them, please just get them out, I will personally throw them away for you!

Weird Nail Art

Who doesn’t like treating themselves to a nice mani-pedi every once in awhile. I know I make my pilgrimage to the nail salon every month. I love picking out my color and just relaxing for awhile. This is a special experience so please tell me why girls go out of their way to tarnish this by putting freaking pom-poms on nails or even succulents, that is right SUCCULENTS as in PLANTS! ┬áCan we agree to just keep out nails clear of PLANTS and other stupid things for 2017 please?

So in conclusion, can we all promise to make 2017 the most fabulous and fashion failure free year yet? Best wishes in the new year loves, until next time the journey continues…


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